About us

Planeta B is the first thrift pet shop based in Puerto Rico. We are introducing the "second-paw" concept to redefine the "second-hand" market when it comes to pet products. 

We also sell new up-cycled and eco-friendly products for pets and pet lovers.

Our mission: We promote pet love and environmental protection by providing second-paw, up-cycled and eco-friendly products and services. 

Our vision: We envision a planet were people truly care about pets and the environment.  

Our values:

  • pet love
  • environmental protection
  • sustainability
  • customer-focused
  • creative reuse and recycling
  • collaboration and solidarity
  • quality and affordability 
  • community impact
  • responsibility and respect

    Our story: Founded by José R. Madera and Greetchen Díaz, Planeta B was inspired by the couple's love for their rescued dogs (Talula, Chompi, Loli and Chopper) and their desire to provide pets, pet's parents and lovers affordable, quality and sustainable products. 

    dogs from Planeta B

    Our commitment with pets, pet lovers and the community: 

    • To become an allied platform for collaborations with community-based organizations and other companies to make awareness of the situation with stray animals, animal abuse and the need of animal care and responsible adoptions. Contact us for collaborations
    • With every shipment, customers will receive access to information on: (1) how to support animal welfare and responsible adoption and (2) how to reimagine pet care and love through sustainability. 
    • We commit our store to the best sustainable practices. Some are:
    1. We offer products from companies classified as B-Corps and/or that are committed to ethical manufacturing standards. 
    2. We use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging and bags for our shipments and purchases at points of sale. Our price labels are made from recycled paper bags!
    3. We use print-on-demand for our t-shirts and bags. These products are made from organic and recycled materials.
    4. We print our business cards and greeting cards using recycled paper and earth-friendly materials. 
    5. We only offer e-Gift Cards instead of plastic cards
    6. We recycle and up-cycle everything we can!