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There are too many animals on the streets needing food, care and love. The problem of animal abuse is not just a problem for them, it is a social and public health problem and it is our duty to act responsibly on this issues.

As part of our commitment with the community, we will provide in this space relevant information and a list of organizations in Puerto Rico that are animal rescuers, sanctuaries, shelters and foster groups.

We hope that people give them the opportunity to change their lives through the loyal love of a rescued pet or get motivated to support the organizations that work tiresly to give these animals the chance for a dignified life. 


  • Volunteer

    There's a great need for volunteers to work in the operation and maintenance of the facilities and to provide love and care for the pets

  • Donate

    Support organizations by donating money, services, food, care and cleaning products, among many other options

  • Foster

    Open temporarily your home to pets in need and give them care, training and love, while they wait to be adopted.

  • Adopt

    Adopt responsibly a pet at shelters or rescue organizations. It will change your life!

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Report animal abuse

Search for information about animal protection laws at your city. In Puerto Rico, Act No. 154-2008, as amended, is the Act for Animal Welfare and Protection. Read more.

Support our campaign

Amor Diferente (a different love) is Planeta B's adoption campaign in collaboration with shelters, sanctuaries and recuer's organizations.

Purpose: Promote through a social media campaign, the adoption of animals with disabilities and/or with unique histories.

Generally, animals with disabilities and/or that have a complicated history of health or adaptation issues are often rejected during adoption processes. We believe that these animals deserve a chance to be in a home that provides them a lot of love and care. Therefore, it is necessary to make a significant effort to ensure their adoption.

See our Facebook gallery of adopted pets

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