PAWards Loyalty Program

We appreciate your support!

The PAWards loyalty program is a way to show our love and gratitude to all those who support Planeta B like you!

How it works? It's very simple! Create an account using the PAWards website widget (left brown button at website) and start earning stamps!!!

Ways to earn 1 stamp:

  • Create an account
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Share our profile on Facebook profile with your friends
  • Spent $10

Earn even more! Donate used pet items (second-paw) and earn stamps according to their resale value*. After we calculate this value, we assign (manually), the corresponding amount of earned stamps:

  • 1 stamp: $20-$39 resale value
  • 2 stamps: $40-59 resale value
  • 3 stamps: $60-89 resale value
  • 4 stamps $90 or more resale value

How to redeem?

  • Once you collect enough stamps for a reward, press the redeem button at the widget to get an one-use code
  • Redeem amazing PAWards! Select your reward at the store and add it to your cart
  • Use your PAWards code at checkout
  • You will receive an email message with the code to use it later if you prefer


  • 15 stamps: $10 coupon
  • 20 stamps: Free eco-toy (up to $15 value)
  • 35 stamps: $25 coupon
  • 45 stamps: 20% off photo session (one)
  • 70 stamps: Free $50 coupon

* The resale value is the assigned value at which Planeta B sells the second-paw items. To start earning stamps, the minimum resale value estimated should be $20. Other donations below the $20 minimum resale value, will receive a 15% store discount for a future purchase.


  • Refer a friend and receive a $5 coupon.
  • Your referred friend also receive a $5 coupon!

Your friend will earn their reward by clicking your link, but must make a purchase for you to receive yours.